Research in ICT related sciences (RESICT)

The International School in Data Sciences was hold in the University of Pinar del Rio Hermanos Saiz Montes de Oca, Cuba, from October 22 to 26, 2018. The International School content is divided into two courses: Big Data Management and Big Data Analytics.

Big Data Analytics, given by Dr. Erik Mannens and Dieter De Witte from University of Gent:
I. NoSQL technology for designing Big Data Applications.
II. Exploratory Data Analysis / Data Visualization
III. Predictive Modeling
IV. Recommender Systems & Ranking
V. Deep Learning for Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing

Big Data Management, given by Dr. Carlos Morell from UCLV.
Introduction to Big Data with Apache Spark:
I. An introduction to Apache Spark (RDDs, Actions, Transformations)
II. To study some distributed machine learning algorithms (Parallel implementation of Linear Regression, Logistic Regression)
III. To implement distributed pipelines in Apache Spark using real datasets (Using more powerful algorithms –via MLLib- like SVM, Random Forest)

Each course had 20 hours of lessons including lectures and practical activities, developed in the morning and in the afternoon. The UPr supported the course also, with some materials, break fast and some cultural activities.

The list of students included:
5 students from each university in the Project (UHolguin, U Camaguey, UCLV, UCI, UPr)
2 students by UOriente.
7 students from Cuba Company BioCubaFarma.
3 students from Cuba Company Datys.
3 students from Cuba Company Desoft.
3 students from Colombia.

In the case of students from Cuban companies and from Colombia, they paid a registration fee (in cuc) for the participation in the school.

The PhD course contained 11 course, 6 courses were given by Flemish faculty with a Cuban partner, and 5 only by Cuban faculty. Flemish faculty were teamed up with a Cuba colleague, moreover the courses were recorded, to guarantee sustainability.

Each course contained an evaluation, this could be individual or group assignments, presentations, discussions, etc.

Schedule of 2nd PhD School Cuban-Flemish universities on ICT Network on ICT 2016

11-14/10 Morning 9 am – 1 pm English course: Manuel LLanes (UCLV Ivonne Collada, (UCI).
11-14/10 Afternoon 2 – 6 pm English course: Manuel LLanes (UCLV) Ivonne Collada, (UCI).
17-21/10 Morning 9 am – 1 pm Course: Business process modeling; Dr. Koen Vanhoof (Dra Luisa Glez, UCLV).
17-21/10 Afternoon 2 – 6 pm Course: Advanced Topics in Information Systems (Dra Luisa Glez,, Dra. Isel Moreno, Dra. G Ferreira)( University of Hasselt).
24-28/10 Morning 9 am – 1 pm Course: Research Methodologies (Dr. Francisco Lee, Dra. Zenaida Garcia, Dra. G Ferreira UCLV).
31/10-4/11 Morning 9 am – 1 pm Course: Introduction to machine learning (By UCLV Carlos Morell).
7-11/11 Morning 9 am – 1 pm Course: Multi-agent learning; Dr Ann Nowe, (Dr. Yailen Martinez UCLV).
14-18/11 Morning 9 am – 1 pm Course: Business Modeling and Execution. Dr. Jan Vanthienen (Dra. Isel Moreno, UCLV).
21-25/11 Morning 9 am – 1 pm Course Data visualization and user interfaces, Dra. Suzanne.Kieffer. (Dr. Carlos Perez, UCLV).
21-25/11 Afternoon 2 – 6 pm Course on Advanced topics in AI (MM Garcia, C Morell).
28 /12 -2 /12 Morning 9 am – 1 pm Course: Modern Programming Paradigms and their Analysis, Dr. Coen De Roover (Dr Carlos Morell, UCLV).
5 /12-9 /12 Morning 9 am – 1 pm Course: An Introduction to Types and Programming Languages, Dr. Christophe Scholliers (Dr Carlos Perez, Dr C Morell, UCLV.

A school in advanced topics was held at UCI September 15-19, two courses byDr. Juan Carlos Gomez Carranza (KUL) and Dr. Christophe Scholliers (VUB) were supported by the project; 25 young faculties from the five universities members of the Project attended.

A PhD school was held at UCI during January-March 2014.
13 courses were developed..
10 Flemish faculties from VUB, KUL, UGentand Univ of Hasselt taught courses (some of them only partially supported by the project).
13 Cuban faculties form UCLV, UCI and UC taught courses.
39 Cuban students attended to the courses from several universities (UCI, UCLV, UPr, UC, UO, U Las Tunas, U SantiSpiritus).
For each course the students had to complete some assignments that were graded. These results were taken into account during the selection of the joint PhD’s that will be supported by the project. The course material of the courses has been distributed to the students via a server of UCI and remainsavailablewithin the network. Cuban professors who have be appointed to follow up the course in the future can freely reuse this material for teaching purposes within the scope of the project.

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