Research in ICT related sciences (RESICT)

The students involved in this school are the following. They were selected by the universities according to their plan of PhD formation:
• Richar Sosa López
• Rafael A. Olivera Solís
• Yaime Fernández Jiménez
• MSc. Frank Reyes García
• MSc. Marilyn Bello García
• Romanuel Ramón Antunez (left the school)
• Grethell Castillo Reyes
• Yerandy Manso Guerra
• Luis Manuel Vidal Piña
• Reinier Pupo Ruiz
UPinar del Rio

• Yunior Pacheco Correa
• Elena M. Figueroa Cabrera
• Migdeily Chiroles Cantera
• Vicente Rodríguez Benítez
• Raidel Rodríguez Romeu
• María Isabel Castellanos Domínguez.
• Ernesto Parra Inza.
• Ariam Rivas Méndez.
• Alejandro Toledo González.
• Juan Carlos Mejías Rodríguez
• José Miguel Fernández Pardo
• Dianelis Olivera Batista
• Yuri Ricardo Moragas Lugo
Moreover, 10 PhD students of the PhD Program on Informatics of UCLV from Universidad de Oriente attended to several of the developed courses. Doing that, these PhD students could obtain new knowledge related with their research task, using these courses they can obtain some credits of the PhD program on Informatics, and they could also practice English.
Based on the marks obtained by the students, 10 of them were selected as candidates to three Joint PhDs, to start in AP2017. The selection was scheduled for beginning of 2017, during Scientific Conference of University of Holguin.
4 Joint PhD visited the Flemish universities during 4 months supported by the project, in 3 cases they stated more time supported by other funds. These are:
• Carlos García Algora, in Telecommunications, from UCLV at VUB (6 months). He has developed studies and research activities on the topic of Wireless Sensor Networks, this are useful not only for the PhD research but also, it is interesting to some projects in Cuba, specially in developing some applications.
• Isel Grau Garcia, in Computer Sciences, from UCLV at VUB (6 months).
Topic: Machine learning. In current years decisions are taken more and more data driven. Based on machine learning techniques models are built based on data. As decisions are taken based on these models it is important that they are interpretable. Therefor we develop a grey box method that has the advantage of a black box method being accurate and a white box model being transparent to the user.
• Humberto Rodríguez, in Computer Sciences, from University of Holguin at VUB (10 months). He developed studies and research activities in new programming technologies. He participates in activities of the different projects of the Lab in which he works, acquiring also knowledge in innovation and knowledge transfer.
• Jenny Ruiz, in Computer Sciences, from University of Holguin at KUL (4 months). Her studies and research activities in software engineering and software interface is an important topic for developing software projects, especially in the relation with the Cuban software industry.

Open ICT and management systems (ICTSYS)

ICTs that support educational processes and knowledge management in higher education (ELINF)

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