Research in ICT related sciences (RESICT)

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Three printers were purchased to the research labs in University of Camaguey, University of Holguin and University of Pinar del Rio (estimated cost 1200 euros).

Purchase some equipment to strengthen the research labs in Univ of Camaguey, Univ of Holguin and Univ of Pinar del Rio. Computers and other accessories have been purchased (15 PCs, 5880 euros)

Open ICT and management systems (ICTSYS)

All university networks are now running over modern’s fiber optic backbones. A continuous monitoring process allows prevent failures and be prepared in advance. Also its possible to detect possible bottle neck situations and include in the next planning.
As years before, some materials for the backbone maintenance and expansion were installed but mainly with resources from donations. Cat 5E cable, optic fiber connectors and patch cords, clipping tools, measurement tools, etc.
A non-planned purchased was executed due to changes in the network topology at UCLV.
For those servers we purchased memory cards, batteries and hard disk as planned.
The weakest point now are the storage facilities. Some storage devices have been purchased but most of them for backups.
As the previous year some cables and switches were purchased and used during the installation of new computers room or to improve others already installed. It’s good to mention that most of the second level networks remains at 100 mbps, all those links must be upgraded to 1 gbps in the following years.

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As we expose above the “integración” process increase severely the size of the networks in the universities of Pinar, Holguin and Villa Clara, for that reason we needed to buy some extra components for the network backbone and the server rooms. Cable, switches and some laptops for people in charge of IT were bought. Also an important improvement for the HPC cluster was made so now is possible to use GPU calculation for scientific research.
30 boxes of UTP Cat 5e cable were acquired in order to create and/or improve connections from labs and users rooms to the main switched bought years before. Connectors, patch panels, and switches and tools for clipping and drills provide by this IR allowed the correct installation of those networks.
Some networks nodes stills without proper connections due to distances.
The original plan for this year was make purchases by a small amount of spare parts ,but due to the “integración” process some new items mainly related with cables and passive networking stuff were bought for the principal server’s room at each university. A new server with a GPU was acquired and for that reason new services for researches will be available a UCLV HPC.
The cables, switches and connectors for the installation of 3 computer labs for projects 1 and 3 were purchased. Electric cable was not include as planned. The computers for those projects are dedicated to research and in order to maximize the impact were installed in the same room.

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All necessary elements for the installation of one computer labs in each university were purchased. Rack, cables, patch panels and patch cord are included.
Elementary tools for diagnostic of connection problems and detection of performance issues were bought.

ICTs that support educational processes and knowledge management in higher education (ELINF)

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