The University Cooperation NETWORK “Strengthening the role of ICT in Cuban Universities for the development of society” is an academic program that focuses on the development of human capacities through high impact research relevant to economic and social priorities of the country, all related to ICT. It proposes, among its objectives, the development of postgraduate programs supported by ICT and offered through distance education modalities with a joint curricular design and doctoral training in disciplines related to ICT.
An important initiative is the development of summer schools that offer courses of high scientific value that will be extended, through ICT, to all higher education institutions, which will be offered not only to people from member universities, but also to all Cuban universities and other interested institutions, as well as could be offered to foreign universities as a way to obtain additional funds.
The project also points to results in technological infrastructure (ICT) to ensure efficient access to the Intranet and Internet to all participating universities. The proposal also contemplates the development of an institutional culture of access and efficient use of information to improve education, research and organizational performance.
General Academic Objective:
Develop good university practices on ICT research and application to improve the quality of the results of Cuban higher education, focusing on the main priorities identified in the strategic plan of the participating universities and the priority needs for the development of the economy and Cuban society.
General Development Objective:
Disseminate the use of advanced research technologies, methods and results to help Cuban society solve its main economic and social problems.
3 projects have been developed:
1. Research in ICT related sciences (RESICT)
2. Open ICT and management systems (ICTSYS)
3. ICTs that support educational processes and knowledge management in higher education (ELINF). This project can also be considered as the transversal component, since it will deliver services to the first project using infrastructure installed by project 2. A fourth project will be responsible for the management and extension activities of the Network:
4. Support Program (PSUP)
Cuban universities members of the network:
  • Coordinating University: Central University Marta Abreu de las Villas (UCLV)
  • University of Pinar del Río
  • University of Computer Science (UCI)
  • University ‘Oscar Lucero Moya’ of Holguin
  • University of Camaguey ‘Ignacio Agramonte and Loynaz’ (UC)
  • University of the East (UO)
Belgian universities members of the network:
  • Universidad de Brussel
  • Universidad de Hasselt
  • Universidad Amberes
  • Universidad Lukclaes de Gante
  • Katolicki Universytet Lubelski
This project guarantees a balance in postgraduate training (focused on doctoral training, MSC programs in priority disciplines and training primarily oriented towards technological management and information resources).
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